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We provide information on survivalism, camping, food storage, cooking and grilling, and self reliance.

Our goal is to ensure you are prepared for natural and man-made disasters, before, during and after they occur.
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Articles: Safety
1Basic Skills: Sandbags
Any person who has spent any time in the military knows all about sandbags. They are heavy, awkward, and a tremendous amount of work to use. But, they work and work very well. Most civilian uses for sandbags consist of holding back some errant body of water from entering your home.
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2Basics: First Aid Kits
Somewhere between a Band-Aid and a surgical kit is the perfect first aid kit for you. What do you need to have? Will you know what to do with the kit you have? Having the right supplies and training will ensure you are ready to respond.
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3Clan of the Cave Turtle: Tents
This week I look at some tents that may or may not be appropriate for survival situations. Also, a brief discussion on tent safety and site selection.
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4Cold Weather Survival
We've all been fooled by Mother Nature when we leave our homes on a "balmy" winter's day when we only have on a light wind-breaker jacket to keep warm. Then, for some reason, we can't get home during the daylight hours. As night falls, so does the temperature. Here are several ideas for surviving inthe cold.
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5Critical Information: Threat Analysis
I spent many hours compiling the risk factors in each U.S. state. This article introduces the threats to look for when choosing a residence or bugout destination. It also contains links to the individual threat assessment maps for each state.
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6Critters: Mosquitoes
This insect can spread some of the worst diseases in the world to people. The Anopheles mosquito carries malaria, and the genus Aedes carries the yellow fever virus. The diseases are mostly associated in the areas by the equator, but mosquitoes live all over the world, delivering diseases everywhere. The housefly mosquito can transmit parasitic worms and encephalitis virus.

Here's what you need to know about preparations and remedies for the dreaded mosquito.
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7How To: Build a Fire in a Safe Place
One of Rogue Turtle's first books was an epic called "Turtle's Campfire Cookbook". Chapter one of this book is called "Build a fire in a safe place". Since the control of fire is one of the MOST ESSENTIAL skills any survivalist can learn, it seems that a good place to start is with building a good, safe fire.
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8Need to Know: Bird Flu
Threat or hype? There are many opinions on what will happen with bird flu over the coming months. Some believe that millions will perish; other only a handful. Rogue Turtle has an opinion, too, and some good advice to keep you and yours on the safe side no matter what happens.
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9Need to Know: Radiation Exposure Card
If radiation exposure is likely, knowing your cummulative exposure level could save you. Here is my template for recording this vital information.
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10Opinion: Post-Nuclear Disaster
If there were a nuclear disaster, would you really want to be one of the survivors? I have studied various scenarios for nuclear events and share some thoughts on what could happen.
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11Reference: Location of US Nuclear Plants
Do you live near one of the 130+ nuclear plants in the US? Not sure? Here is a summary of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's list of plant locations.
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12The Armory: Handguns
While there are hundreds of makes and models of shotguns out there to purchase, there are thousands of types, styles, and sizes of smaller handguns. Let's face it, you just cannot walk around your survival camp 24 hours a day carrying a loaded shotgun. Sometimes, you are going to have to put it down and rest. You don't want to be unarmed during those time periods when the shotgun is out of reach.
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13Trapper's Corner: Booby Traps
I have published a couple articles on building traps to catch animals for food. But there are also traps made to catch people. Here's what to look for and how to avoid the traps others have set for you.
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