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Articles: Poison
1Horse Chestnut
Horse chestnut is related to the buckeye tree and grows extensively in the eastern U.S. Like the fruit of the buckeye, that of the horse chestnut is poisonous. It is also known as the Spanish chestnut.
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2Trapper's Corner: Armadillo
If you have ever traveled through the South-Eastern or South-Central parts of the United States then you have seen this animal. It is most often seen on the side of the road, splattered all over the place and known locally as "road kill." However, when you are hungry eat anything!
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3Trappers' Corner: Black Walnut
Continuing my series on poisons (especially fish poisons), here is my fact sheet on the Black Walnut.
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4Trappers' Corner: Fish Poisons
This article is presented as another option for feeding yourself in the wilderness. It is highly illegal, but it works. It is a system as old as mankind, but is now considered highly ecologically unsound.
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5Trappers' Corner: Goat's Rue or Devils Shoestring
Continuing my series on poisons (especially fish poisons), here is my fact sheet on Goat's Rue or Devils Shoestring.
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