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We provide information on survivalism, camping, food storage, cooking and grilling, and self reliance.

Our goal is to ensure you are prepared for natural and man-made disasters, before, during and after they occur.
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Articles: Food Storage
1Basic Skills: The Cache
You have all the food and supplies you need. Now you need to make sure you keep them safe from bears, raccoons, and the desperate folks that did not plan as well as you. From rudimentary to high-tech, here are some ideas to perfectly protect your precious provisions.
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2Do-It-Yourself: Storage Vault
Pre-positioning supplies can be done on an "as available" schedule. This means you don't have to take a semi-tractor trailer load of supplies all at once - you can take a few items at a time as soon as they are available - and as soon as you have the time to do the work. But, where do you store them safely so no one knows where the goodies are?
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3History: Native American Cache Pit
The first Europeans lived with the Native American tribes and tried to learn everything they knew. Coupling the Native people's survival skills with the skills brought from Europe, is what built this country in the first few troubled years. The cache pit is one example of the important education that was passed to the colonists.
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4Home Canning
Rogue Turtle is always on the lookout for the biggest bang for his bucks. But there are times when you just have to spend a little, to get a lot. Canning and preserving your own food is one of those cases.
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5Smoke Your Food
Smoking meat is just another way to prepare food for dinner. It has the sideline benefit of preserving the food as well as cooking a great tasting meal.
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