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Articles: Fishing
1Basic Skills: Bowfishing
An article on the basics of bowfishing and the gear you need to get started. Bowfishing involves the use of a bow, an arrow and some fishing line attached to both the bow and the arrow. For many archery fans, bowfishing augments an all to short hunting season, allowing them to practice their skills all year long.
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2Cleaning Catfish
The process is the same for the 2 pound or the 200 pound catfish. Here are illustrated step-by-step instructions for cleaning and skinning catfish.
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3Horse Chestnut
Horse chestnut is related to the buckeye tree and grows extensively in the eastern U.S. Like the fruit of the buckeye, that of the horse chestnut is poisonous. It is also known as the Spanish chestnut.
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4How To: Hand Fishing
More people fish around the world without rods then with rods. It's mostly the "sport" fisherman who uses the rod and reel. And the sport fisherman pays out millions of dollars a year for that privilege. You don't need all that stuff.
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5How To: Ice Fishing Part One
During the "cold" season that those of you who don't live in Florida call "winter", you may have to fend for yourselves while trying not to freeze to death. Some parts of our family actually prefer to live in "northern" states, where the freeze is a way of life. However, in the coldest regions of the country ice fishing is an option for food that is always available if you know how.
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6Trappers' Corner: Black Walnut
Continuing my series on poisons (especially fish poisons), here is my fact sheet on the Black Walnut.
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7Trappers' Corner: Crawfish
Is it food or bait? Either way, here's what you need to know to catch and prepare crawfish for either purpose.
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8Trappers' Corner: Fish Poisons
This article is presented as another option for feeding yourself in the wilderness. It is highly illegal, but it works. It is a system as old as mankind, but is now considered highly ecologically unsound.
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9Trappers' Corner: Goat's Rue or Devils Shoestring
Continuing my series on poisons (especially fish poisons), here is my fact sheet on Goat's Rue or Devils Shoestring.
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10Trappers' Corner: Nets
Netting game is almost without exception, illegal in the U.S. If caught, you could face stiff fines. I only point out this option so that, when all else fails, you have yet another source of food for you and your starving family.
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11Trappers' Corner: Netting Fish
Part two of my series on netting covers the use of nets in water. While we assume that your net will catch dinner, there is a wide variety of aquatic residents you don't want to find mixed in with dinner. Here's what to look for and what to avoid.
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12Trot Lines and Jug Lines
I hadn't even thought about trot line or jug line fishing for survival until I started writing my article about hand line fishing. The trot line is another method of hand line fishing but you don't have to stand around waiting for results.
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