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We provide information on survivalism, camping, food storage, cooking and grilling, and self reliance.

Our goal is to ensure you are prepared for natural and man-made disasters, before, during and after they occur.
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Articles: Camping
1Basic Skills: GPS or "Where are we?"
To get from point A to B, you need to know where you are during the trip. More importantly, you need to be able to confidently reply when asked if you know where you are. GPS is the modern method, but not the best for survival situations. Augment your GPS with some basic map reading, compass use, and a few other navigational tricks.
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2Basic Skills: Tent Drill
Before you go out in the woods to play with the bears, it would be a good idea to at least have some idea on how to set up your tent. Today's modern materials and tent shapes and sizes are difficult to assemble if you haven't yet done so.
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3Basic Skills: The Bowline
If you only ever learn one knot, the bowline is arguably the best. Here is a quick "how to" guide for this versatile knot.
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4Basic Skills: The Cache
You have all the food and supplies you need. Now you need to make sure you keep them safe from bears, raccoons, and the desperate folks that did not plan as well as you. From rudimentary to high-tech, here are some ideas to perfectly protect your precious provisions.
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5Basics: First Aid Kits
Somewhere between a Band-Aid and a surgical kit is the perfect first aid kit for you. What do you need to have? Will you know what to do with the kit you have? Having the right supplies and training will ensure you are ready to respond.
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6Clan of the Cave Turtle: Basic Shelter
The first in a new series focused on wilderness shelters, this article examines some of the rudimentary techniques for building a rough shelter with minimal materials.
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7Clan of the Cave Turtle: Hot Weather Shelters
Weather conditions effect many of the decisions that are made in an emergency. In this week's Clan, I discuss shelter choices and considerations for warm to hot climates.
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8Clan of the Cave Turtle: More Shelters
Expanding on the basic emergency shelters from last week, I present several new shelters that require a bit more preparation and will be a bit more permanent.
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9Clan of the Cave Turtle: Tents
This week I look at some tents that may or may not be appropriate for survival situations. Also, a brief discussion on tent safety and site selection.
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10Critters: Horse Flies and Deer Flies
A short critter article on these biting flies.
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11Critters: Mosquitoes
This insect can spread some of the worst diseases in the world to people. The Anopheles mosquito carries malaria, and the genus Aedes carries the yellow fever virus. The diseases are mostly associated in the areas by the equator, but mosquitoes live all over the world, delivering diseases everywhere. The housefly mosquito can transmit parasitic worms and encephalitis virus.

Here's what you need to know about preparations and remedies for the dreaded mosquito.
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12Do-It-Yourself: Campfire Grille
When it's time to bug out, you may not end up in a convenient campsite with a grille waiting for your use. Here's a simple, portable grille I fashioned from rebar.
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13History: Rogue Turtle's Teepee
Here's my all-time favorite. Not because it is the best or the strongest or the easiest, but because of all the memories it brings back to me.
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14How To: Build a Fire in a Safe Place
One of Rogue Turtle's first books was an epic called "Turtle's Campfire Cookbook". Chapter one of this book is called "Build a fire in a safe place". Since the control of fire is one of the MOST ESSENTIAL skills any survivalist can learn, it seems that a good place to start is with building a good, safe fire.
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15How To: Hand Fishing
More people fish around the world without rods then with rods. It's mostly the "sport" fisherman who uses the rod and reel. And the sport fisherman pays out millions of dollars a year for that privilege. You don't need all that stuff.
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16How To: Ice Fishing Part One
During the "cold" season that those of you who don't live in Florida call "winter", you may have to fend for yourselves while trying not to freeze to death. Some parts of our family actually prefer to live in "northern" states, where the freeze is a way of life. However, in the coldest regions of the country ice fishing is an option for food that is always available if you know how.
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17How To: Meal Planning
Think about how much food one person needs to survive. Now anticipate that others in your family might want to survive, too. We are talking about a whole lot of food. How much? Read on to learn how to estimate this critical element in your disaster plan. Rogue Turtle has included useful planning pages to get you started.
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18Need to Know: Lots and lots of Knots and Nets
After you master the bowline, it is time to expand your repertoire. This arsenal of knots will serve you well in many situations. And when you are done, you can take a rest in your self-made hammock.
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19On the Grill: Frogs and Toads
Not just for adventurous tourists in France, frogs are a plentiful option for the survivalists kitchen. Here is what to look for and a few ways to cook up some tasty Kermit.
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20Outdoor Living: The Outhouse
I don't want to talk about it either. As my daughter says, "It's nasty." But, it's a fact of life we cannot avoid. We have to use the bathroom sometimes, better indoors than outdoors.
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21Power Camping: Tent Pegs
You probably haven't seen a tent peg quite like this one. This special "RogueTurtle" edition was constructed by the old RogueTurtle in his back yard workshop. I dug out that welder again just to prove to myself, once and for all, that I am a terrible welder. But, it works.
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22Roughing It: Tent Hammocks
There are a growing number of campers who choose to sleep in hammocks. The problem with most hammocks is that you are exposed to the elements, both rain and bugs. Now, new gear has been developed to take that problem away. The Tent-Hammock is a combination of both the tent (with bug screens) and a hammock.
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23When You Gotta Go
Outdoor living requires special attention to sanitation details. Major diseases such as e-coli poisoning can occur if done incorrectly or not done at all.
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24Wildlife: Badger
A short article on the details of your local badger.
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