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We provide information on survivalism, camping, food storage, cooking and grilling, and self reliance.

Our goal is to ensure you are prepared for natural and man-made disasters, before, during and after they occur.
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Articles: Bug Out
1Basic Skills: GPS or "Where are we?"
To get from point A to B, you need to know where you are during the trip. More importantly, you need to be able to confidently reply when asked if you know where you are. GPS is the modern method, but not the best for survival situations. Augment your GPS with some basic map reading, compass use, and a few other navigational tricks.
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2Basics: Bug Out Toolkits
Today's workshops are marvels of modern invention full of dust throwing, wood cutting, steel bending, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, power packed beasts of convenience that would make Tim Allen proud. But you just beat feet and have to make do without tools that need more than elbow grease. Here's my list of bug out tools.
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3Basics: First Aid Kits
Somewhere between a Band-Aid and a surgical kit is the perfect first aid kit for you. What do you need to have? Will you know what to do with the kit you have? Having the right supplies and training will ensure you are ready to respond.
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4Bug Out Document Protection
Your home and all its contents can be swallowed up by disaster faster than you'd think possible. A fire, flood, or earthquake can drive you away from your home before you can gather up all the items you need for survival. Here is a list of things to collect and a few ideas to be prepared.
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5Bug Out: A MapQuest Exercise
Make your way to the shelter while avoiding common dangers and pitfalls. Online maps can help you prepare a safe route. My hypothetical disaster helps illustrate the important features to consider.
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6Bug Out: Alternate Routes
After you review the MapQuest Exercise, consider this alternate solution to getting to safety quickly.
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7Bug Out: Communication for Survival
When it is time to go, how will you keep in touch with your group, your friends and family, and the media? This article provides a wide range of options and, of course, my opinions on the best choices for the prepared reader.
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8Bug Out: Final Exam
Did you spot the hidden dangers in the MapQuest Exercise? Don't peek if you haven't read it, yet. One major risk factor that everyone should consider.
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9Bug Out: Pooch Packs
The storm is coming, the water is rising, or the flames are creeping closer. It is time to pack up and scram. What about mans' best friend? Everyone should carry what they need to survive - including the family pet.
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10Bug Out: Radio Frequencies
A crystal clear chart of radio frequencies and their assignment for various purposes.
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11Clan of the Cave Turtle: Hot Weather Shelters
Weather conditions effect many of the decisions that are made in an emergency. In this week's Clan, I discuss shelter choices and considerations for warm to hot climates.
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12Critical Information: Threat Analysis
I spent many hours compiling the risk factors in each U.S. state. This article introduces the threats to look for when choosing a residence or bugout destination. It also contains links to the individual threat assessment maps for each state.
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13Do-It-Yourself: Campfire Grille
When it's time to bug out, you may not end up in a convenient campsite with a grille waiting for your use. Here's a simple, portable grille I fashioned from rebar.
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14Do-It-Yourself: Storage Vault
Pre-positioning supplies can be done on an "as available" schedule. This means you don't have to take a semi-tractor trailer load of supplies all at once - you can take a few items at a time as soon as they are available - and as soon as you have the time to do the work. But, where do you store them safely so no one knows where the goodies are?
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15Gear Up: Packs for Working Dogs
Now you know what the family pet needs to take on the road. But there is no need for you and your loved ones to bear Rover's burden. Take a look at some of these options for letting your dog carry his/her own weight.
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16How To: Meal Planning
Think about how much food one person needs to survive. Now anticipate that others in your family might want to survive, too. We are talking about a whole lot of food. How much? Read on to learn how to estimate this critical element in your disaster plan. Rogue Turtle has included useful planning pages to get you started.
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17Need To Know: A Brief Discussion on Emergency Plans
Every part of this country has something "wrong" with it that can cause a local disaster. You all know where you live, look around you. What is the one, single, biggest threat (disaster-wise) to your family. Rogue Turtle has a few ideas to keep in mind.
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18Need to Know: Bug Out Kits
Contrary to what the late "Mister Rodgers" sang, it's not always "a wonderful day in the neighborhood". Sometimes it can just plain suck. When you have to leave, you can't use something you do not have.
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19Need to Know: Situation Dictates Your Action
All of a sudden the fun family vacation turns into a John Candy movie where nothing goes the way you planned it. All heck breaks loose and you're on the road, maybe never to return again. The situation dictates what you do, where you go, and how you survive for the next critical days, weeks, months...even years.
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20On the Road: Bug Out Planning
When the time comes to pack up and leave, will you be ready? Rogue Turtle presents the basics for planning a quick exit.
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21Roughing It: Tent Hammocks
There are a growing number of campers who choose to sleep in hammocks. The problem with most hammocks is that you are exposed to the elements, both rain and bugs. Now, new gear has been developed to take that problem away. The Tent-Hammock is a combination of both the tent (with bug screens) and a hammock.
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22Survival and the Single Mom
For the single mother, protection for your children is ALWAYS your first concern. Most of you would sacrifice your own lives to save your children. This is the way nature meant it to be. Don't fight nature, go with it. But, you do NOT have to go it on your own.
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