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We provide information on survivalism, camping, food storage, cooking and grilling, and self reliance.

Our goal is to ensure you are prepared for natural and man-made disasters, before, during and after they occur.
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Articles: Bird Flu
1Critters: Mosquitoes
This insect can spread some of the worst diseases in the world to people. The Anopheles mosquito carries malaria, and the genus Aedes carries the yellow fever virus. The diseases are mostly associated in the areas by the equator, but mosquitoes live all over the world, delivering diseases everywhere. The housefly mosquito can transmit parasitic worms and encephalitis virus.

Here's what you need to know about preparations and remedies for the dreaded mosquito.
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2Need to Know: Bird Flu
Threat or hype? There are many opinions on what will happen with bird flu over the coming months. Some believe that millions will perish; other only a handful. Rogue Turtle has an opinion, too, and some good advice to keep you and yours on the safe side no matter what happens.
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