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We provide information on survivalism, camping, food storage, cooking and grilling, and self reliance.

Our goal is to ensure you are prepared for natural and man-made disasters, before, during and after they occur.
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1Basic Skills: GPS or "Where are we?"
To get from point A to B, you need to know where you are during the trip. More importantly, you need to be able to confidently reply when asked if you know where you are. GPS is the modern method, but not the best for survival situations. Augment your GPS with some basic map reading, compass use, and a few other navigational tricks.
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2Basic Skills: Night Vision Without Batteries
At night, vision is limited to the existing light from the stars, moon and other man-made sources. In a disaster, the man-made sources may not be available. If you have a fire, you also have light. What if you don't have a fire?
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3Basic Skills: The Cache
You have all the food and supplies you need. Now you need to make sure you keep them safe from bears, raccoons, and the desperate folks that did not plan as well as you. From rudimentary to high-tech, here are some ideas to perfectly protect your precious provisions.
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4Basics: Bug Out Toolkits
Today's workshops are marvels of modern invention full of dust throwing, wood cutting, steel bending, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, power packed beasts of convenience that would make Tim Allen proud. But you just beat feet and have to make do without tools that need more than elbow grease. Here's my list of bug out tools.
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5Basics: First Aid Kits
Somewhere between a Band-Aid and a surgical kit is the perfect first aid kit for you. What do you need to have? Will you know what to do with the kit you have? Having the right supplies and training will ensure you are ready to respond.
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6Bug Out: Pooch Packs
The storm is coming, the water is rising, or the flames are creeping closer. It is time to pack up and scram. What about mans' best friend? Everyone should carry what they need to survive - including the family pet.
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7Clan of the Cave Turtle: Cold Weather Shelters
The second in my series on weather-sensitive shelters. This article focuses on shelters that protect you from dangerous cold conditions.
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8Gear Up: Packs for Working Dogs
Now you know what the family pet needs to take on the road. But there is no need for you and your loved ones to bear Rover's burden. Take a look at some of these options for letting your dog carry his/her own weight.
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9How To: Ice Fishing Part One
During the "cold" season that those of you who don't live in Florida call "winter", you may have to fend for yourselves while trying not to freeze to death. Some parts of our family actually prefer to live in "northern" states, where the freeze is a way of life. However, in the coldest regions of the country ice fishing is an option for food that is always available if you know how.
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10How To: Make Char Cloth
Char Cloth is probably the best and cheapest form of do-it-yourself fire starter I have ever used. I am amazed at how long I lived before I found out about this really old form of tinder. It is really a method of making Charcoal from a 100% cotton tee shirt. Includes the first-ever RogueTurtle video!
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11Need to Know: Bug Out Kits
Contrary to what the late "Mister Rodgers" sang, it's not always "a wonderful day in the neighborhood". Sometimes it can just plain suck. When you have to leave, you can't use something you do not have.
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12Need to Know: Situation Dictates Your Action
All of a sudden the fun family vacation turns into a John Candy movie where nothing goes the way you planned it. All heck breaks loose and you're on the road, maybe never to return again. The situation dictates what you do, where you go, and how you survive for the next critical days, weeks, months...even years.
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13On the Road: Bug Out Planning
When the time comes to pack up and leave, will you be ready? Rogue Turtle presents the basics for planning a quick exit.
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14Trapper's Corner: Booby Traps
I have published a couple articles on building traps to catch animals for food. But there are also traps made to catch people. Here's what to look for and how to avoid the traps others have set for you.
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