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Our Mission
We provide information on survivalism, camping, food storage, cooking and grilling, and self reliance.

Our goal is to ensure you are prepared for natural and man-made disasters, before, during and after they occur.
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MSM (misc_survivalism_moderated)
This list is for those who want themselves and their loved ones to survive and prosper during hard times. Join them and learn from each other how to survive.
The Daily Web Log for Prepared Individuals Living in Uncertain Times. Bookmark it. It may save your life! Published by the Rawles family.

Equipped to Survive
"The Definitive Source for Independent Reviews & Information on Outdoors Gear and Survival Equipment and Techniques" Edited by Douglas S. Ritter

Frugal Squirrel
A site from Preparedness Educational Services, Inc., Frugal Squirrel features forums and newsletters on survivalism and gun ownership. They also have an online store for supplies and reference material.

Emergency Preparedness Center
A site that offers a complete line of freeze dried food, 72 hour kits, water storage supplies, potassium iodide first aid kits and more.

Fallout Shelter 653
A Washington-based site that publishes articles on survival and preparedness.

Ice Augers Direct
If you don't want to chop a hole in the ice with an axe, this site offers a broad assortment of hand, electric, and gas augers.

Rotten Phish
Not strictly a survival site, but a great resource for anyone that subscribes to e-mail newsletters. Help stop identity theft by using this site to report phishing scams to the teams that will investigate this fraud.

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